Monday, 13 December 2010

Star Image

Kanye West has created an iconic brand image.  The idea of this is that when people see this image they will recognise it to be associated with Kanye and his music. Kanye’s image has helped him to stardom, not just his music.

He has links with other types of media,  he does concerts and has been known for his outbursts during award shows, which has also assisted his brand image. Kanye West uses connotation in the sense of acting cool to reach out directly to his target audience.
Kanye West tends to wear sun glasses in all his videos and even when seen in public, this shows a form of connotation as he is acting cool and this relates to his fans.

Cross media convergences have been used by Kanye West as he has featured in video games and some movies.  The idea of Kanye constantly being in the spot light makes more people listen to and buy his music.

West's mascot and trademark is "Dropout Bear," a teddy bear which has appeared on the covers of three of his five albums as well as various single covers and music videos.

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Group Meeting

We met up to discuss how we are going to start our group blog and how we can make the work load even, we found that it is best to just blog once a week each. We believe that this will make the work even and will make our group blog have loads of posts.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010


Before we start out music video, there is a few steps we need to take. First being the innicial idea and choice in song. The song we have chosen is Magic - B.O.B ft. Rivers Cuomo.

Image: Rivers Cuomo & B.O.B (Magic).

We chose this song as we feel it is very suitable for the upbeat idea we have. Our idea is to have a person waking up in the morning and making his way to an audition which he is the judge of. When he gets there, all different auditionees will sing the 1st verse of the song and when the chorus comes back, the man will walk out the audition through a door and go on to sing the chorus, ready for him to come back to the audition to watch more hopefulls sing the 2nd verse. for the final chorus the man will get annoyed at the lack of talent and sing the rest of the song himself. This idea goes well with the song as it is very upbeat and we can use a variety of shots and quick cuts.

After we seltected 'Magic', we had to create a shot by shot storyboard which will assist us and give us guidelines when filming. Storyboards are very important when filming as if you don't have them you may go off track and lose control of what you are filming.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Editing the Lipsync

Whilst editing our lipsync-ing, I found that the software was not that hard to learn once you get the hang of it. We firstly looked at the instructions and it made the software seem really hard to use, but then I started using it and found it wasn't that difficult after all. We made all the cuts we needed and made the sound in time with the video to make it seem as real as possible. Afterwe had put all our cuts in and put it all in line, we tried out all the effects to see how they would help us for our final task. We found that some of the effects didnt really do much but others will come in handy in our music video. I feel I have learnt all I need to know on the software to create a good music video and overall I am happy with the progress out group is making.