Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Music Video Analysis - 6 Foot 7 Foot

Lil Wayne  - 6 Foot 7 Foot ft. Cory Gunz

The opening of this music video is of Lil Wayne sitting in a chair and someone trying to wake him up, the sound is of the man saying "he wont wake up"; Wayne then falls into a bath filled with water. The idea of Wayne falling into a bath of water whilst he is asleep symbolizes death. He is also wearing a black suit, white shirt and black tie; this is known by most as the attire to attend a funeral. The audience will feel as though this song will symbolize death in some way in the video.

Lil Wayne is then seen wearing a Pilot's outfit with his 'crew' around him. This shows the audience that Wayne is the boss of the group. They are also all wearing some sort of red to show that Wayne is a 'blood'. By wearing red, Wayne's fans will like the fact he has kept to his usual theme and not changed.

Then the chorus comes back in for a few seconds and goes back to the idea of Lil Wayne dying... But this time he is in a car and not moving, but then he goes back to the bath tub in the same chorus.

All of the lyrics in the song are synchronized with actions from Lil Wayne, e.g. the camera is underneath Wayne as he says "I think you stand under me". This style of linking actions with words agrees with Caroll Vernallis' theory.

Even during the verse, the idea of Lil Wayne dying is still shown as the clips cut back to the bath and the car scene. Wayne's head is then shown being cut off to keep to the theme of him dying.

Cory Gunz then steps in for his verse; he is wearing all black to stick with the dark theme of the song, representing death and depression. He is also seen wearing a black suit just as Lil Wayne was, emphasising the idea of a funeral.

The car which Lil Wayne wouldn't wake up in, then crashes. This portrays the idea of death further and shows that Lil Wayne knew his death was coming before it happened.

The final shot is of Lil Wayne hitting the water in the bath tub, then realising he is in the water, waking up and getting out. This portrays to the audience that his death was not inevitable and that it could of been a dream.

Monday, 14 February 2011

Using a Variety of Shots

We know we need to use a variety of shots when filming our music video. We have used a vast amount of shots but we know we need to do more. We have a lot more filming to do so we will make sure we use a variety of shots next time we film, but we will make sure we keep good quality in our film. Our video has very ast cuts so we will need to do a wide range of shots to make it look right. But we know we have enough time to make it good quality.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Filming in 1st Person

As we have now decided to start our filming in 1st person, I felt I should do some research on filming in 1st person and what artists have also done this. Looking at various music videos I have found that not many artists decide to use 1st person in their music video's, I think this is a positive as it makes our work very individual compared to everyone elses. It also brings a narrative to the video if we do this. We plan to keep some of the 1st person footage as it is very good and we hope to keep to a 1st person theme throughout, but have hints of other shots also.

This is my first attempt at a album cover, I used Tinie Tempah as an example so I could practice for our actual album (B Money). I used ROCNATION and the Parental Advisory symbols to make it look realistic. I felt that the album is a bit plain and could do with more exciting colours.

For B Money's album cover we will use more colours and a picture of me with money in my hand to keep the idea of 'money'.
I believe that I should be the main part of the cover as the artist is supposed to be the most important part of the cover.

You have to keep the customer in mind when creating the cover and making an attractive cover is key for the customer as they will not pick it up unless it is well advertised or attractive.

Filming 2

For our second filming session we decided to slightly change what we originally did, use our failure of the first attempt to improve the second. We decided to use a 1st person affect to give the effect of a drunk and crazy night. We felt that using me with no trousers on will give a comedy effect as well as a serious one as this is what happens on crazy nights.

I am woken up by the man holding the camera and have to rush out the door and we will do quick cuts to give a rushing effect.

We did a few different shots of close ups of door openings and a few other angles to give variety in our work.