Wednesday, 30 March 2011


Yesterday we met up as a group to discuss whether there is anything that we could do to improve the video further. We decided that we could make some of the cuts smoother and quicker, and that tidying up the cuts is the main thing we need to do and we will be done, in good time.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Creating a Webpage For B Money

This is the webpage that I created for our artists, B Money. I decided to use MySpace as my source; I chose MySpace as it is very user friendly and is great for artists to promote themselves and their music. I created the page and designed into a Hip-Hop style to keep with the theme of B Money. I have also uploaded a few pictures of the artists and the music video.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Further Editing

Today I edited part of the music video. I went into the media suite and started to smoothen up some of the shots. I found that some of the music was not in complete sync with the some of the shots, so I edited them into sync to make the video look more realalistic. I feel that the edits need to be perfect to the millisecond so that the video runs through smoothly which is very important.

Friday, 18 March 2011

Technology in Music - Social Networking - MySpace

This is MySpace music. MySpace music is where most modern day and some old school artists put there music. MySpace is used for artists to comunicate with fans as well as distribute music. Artists such as Lil Wayne or Kanye West will put all of their exclusive music on MySpace for their fans.

Fans will be happy to see their favourite artists on MySpace so they can see what the artist is doing and what they are planning to do in the music industry.

Being internet accesible for an artist is a massive assistance in becoming an established artist. Most artists are on social networking sites to gain more fans; by not signing up to a site you will be left out in the cold by other artists.

I felt that we needed to put B Money on MySpace so that he could gain fans through the site as in the modern age it is very hard to gain fans otherwise. Unless you go back to the old school ways of singing on the streets and doing little gigs!

The internet is a powerful source to gain recognition in the 21st century; and now more than ever, music is so influential to peoples lives, becoming an established artist is a dream for most.

Many artists also have a Wikipedia page, this page will allow fans to look at the lives of their favourite artists and how they begun their career. Being on Wikipedia is very important as it shows that you are an established artist. When you type in an artists name into Google, the first link that will come up is the wikipedia page if the artist has one.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Artist Website

I decided to create a website for the Artist that we have made. I have chosen to use MySpace as my destination for the web page. Doing this will require me to have photos of the artist and a theme for the artists page. We have created a kind of 'bad boy' image, which I will keep in mind when making the page for B Money.

For an artist to gain further recognition from fans, they will need a website or a web page. MySpace, Facebook or any social networking website will be suitable; or perhaps even a whole new site for the artist. Many artists use Myspace as you can upload photos, videos and music to share with fans.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Album Cover Artwork Analysis


This is Kanye West's 3rd album, Graduation.

The first thing that the audience will see when looking at the album, is the cartoon designed teddy bear. This teddy bear is what Kanye West uses to symbolise his presence. The bear is dressed in Kanye West's style so that his fans are kept satisfied with the consistant theme.

The colours of the album cover are very bright and attractive, this is so that the constumer's will see the album clearly and will be an eye catcher.

In the bottom left of the album is a Parental Advisory symbol to show that some of the content is not suitable for a younger audience. The teddy bear is being cannoned out of a machine like object to show that he is moving on to greater, higher things. On top of this machine/monster, is a university graduation, this is shown to keep on the theme of the title of the album, which is Graduation.

Kanye West's music style rap, techno, hip-hop. The idea of an outa space kind o theme helps the consumer see what the type of music will be before even listening to it.

For our groups album cover we will use Kany West as inspiration and hopefully achieve a similar effect to what Kanye West has achieved.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

B Money Album Cover

This is my design for an album cover. We decided on the name 'B Money' as we like the idea of a Hip-Hop star being linked with money. I chose to ply on the idea of money by holding up a 1p piece in the photo.

In the photo I am looking quite fierce to keep the 'bad boy' image of a Hip-Hop rapper. The background consists of a grotty smashed up ally which links in well to the background of our artist.

We decided to make the image of me black and white, so we could bring out the importance of the money which is the first thing you spot when looking at the cover. I chose the font of B Money because it is a rough font to keep the link of the artist to the cover. The colours were chosen as they go well together and they match the eye colour to bring the eyes out even more to make me look even more fierce.

I put in a Parental Advisory symbol as he is a rapper and some of his music will contain strong language and it also makes the artist look 'gangster' to keep in with our theme.

I used Photoshop to create this album cover and used 8 layers in the process. This was the first time I had used Photoshop, I picked it up fairly quickly and feel I have learnt a lot.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Filming 3

We set out for our 3rd filming session with intensions to do a massive chunk of filming, and it kinda went to plan.

As a group we filmed the entire first verse and it went as planned. We filmed every thing we needed for the 1st verse and this has eased our time pressure. We have started to edit in the new footage and it is looking very good. We want to use different effects to make it look professional and so far we feel we have accomplished this.

We want to use a variety of shots when filming and we have done this so far and will consistently do this throughout the filming to hopefully gain extra marks.