Friday, 18 March 2011

Technology in Music - Social Networking - MySpace

This is MySpace music. MySpace music is where most modern day and some old school artists put there music. MySpace is used for artists to comunicate with fans as well as distribute music. Artists such as Lil Wayne or Kanye West will put all of their exclusive music on MySpace for their fans.

Fans will be happy to see their favourite artists on MySpace so they can see what the artist is doing and what they are planning to do in the music industry.

Being internet accesible for an artist is a massive assistance in becoming an established artist. Most artists are on social networking sites to gain more fans; by not signing up to a site you will be left out in the cold by other artists.

I felt that we needed to put B Money on MySpace so that he could gain fans through the site as in the modern age it is very hard to gain fans otherwise. Unless you go back to the old school ways of singing on the streets and doing little gigs!

The internet is a powerful source to gain recognition in the 21st century; and now more than ever, music is so influential to peoples lives, becoming an established artist is a dream for most.

Many artists also have a Wikipedia page, this page will allow fans to look at the lives of their favourite artists and how they begun their career. Being on Wikipedia is very important as it shows that you are an established artist. When you type in an artists name into Google, the first link that will come up is the wikipedia page if the artist has one.

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