Tuesday, 25 January 2011


For our first day of filming, we decided to go to my house to film. We started out by renting out a HD camera from our Media department and then we set off. We got to my house and then I got changed, ready for filming. We then filmed our opening 10 seconds and this took a few takes and adjustments; we stuck to our storyboard as planned and it helped us progress quicker than we would have without it.

After a couple hours of filming, we went back to school to upload what we had filmed onto the Mac's and see how it looked in sync with the music. As a group we felt that the filming wasn't that good and can be made better so we decided that we would re-film the opening scene in a different house as mine was not suitable.

We plan to film again this weekend and make sure that it goes a lot better and make use of our storyboard and time a lot more.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Preperation for Filming

Before we start filming, I have made sure that we are prepared before we start filming. We want to get it done with no messing about and know exactly what we are doing before we start. We want to go to either or mine or Chris' houses as it will be suitable in either.

Monday, 17 January 2011

Here is a slide show of our storyboard which we created. We set up a heading page to guide us through the storyboard and let us know what characters and sets we will need within our filming.

Monday, 10 January 2011

B.O.B - Magic ft. Rivers Cuomo is our chosen song for our final video.

The video is very appealing and inspirational but we will not let the video itself inspire us, we will use our own ideas and techniques.

The video is very fast paced and we will create a video which is matched with the beat. We will lip sync some of the song but not all just like they do in most music videos, too much or too little lip syncing will result in a bad music video.

The editing will be very important to help the video look professional and out skills on Final Cut will assist us in doing this.

The Fall of the CD Market

Music Stores, HMV and Apple

CD sales hit an all time high in the 90's and didn't look like falling. But every product has its peak and sales began to decrease horrificly in the CD market. The rise of the internet found that CD sales began to decrease, this was due to online downloads which became easier to purchase than bread. In the Noughties, music downloads became the 'cool' thing to do, and this trend has not stopped since. Apple brang out iTunes and this opened up a whole new market, the music industry of CD's fell and didn't look like it was ever going to pick itself up again.

Then came illegal downloads, people set up websites to 'share' music. There idea of sharing music around the globe assisted a collapse in the music industry as a whole. Record labels were losing money like they have never seen before. Security online has helped some illegal download websites to be shut down but it will never be stopped. Now shops such as HMV are finding it hard to keep sales alive but they are doing there best to keep the CD market alive.

The novelty of a physical CD has warn off and now people will happily pay for music and not physically get anything for their money. iPods and MP3 players are the reason people now want to buy music online, they store music on them with out any need for a CD, and to be honest they are a lot more feasable than a CD and a Walkman.

Prelim Task

For our preliminary task we filmed many different shots to practice for our final piece and I feel we achieved this but improvments can still be made. We used Final Cut to edit our filming and we all had a try at the software to get used to it.

We added the music to the video by importing it to Final Cut and it was easy enough to work out by our selves. We then had to do the hard part which was alining the sound to sync with our mouths to make it look real, after a bit of work we got it to look real.

During the filming we knew we had to actually sing out loud other wise it would look fake once finsihed, so we did. We can see that it looks respectably realistic so we will use this technique in our final filming.

Story Board

As a group we set out to complete a detailed story board in order to have a very accurate idea for when we film. We wanted to do a very detailed story board so we know exactly what to do when filming. The song that we chose is very up-beat so we feel we need to make many cuts and show a variety or shots in our work. We looked at other music videos for inspiration but we felt that our own ideas will be more suitable for our song choice.

Completing a story board sheet before filming, I believe is very beneficial for the group and the video. By creating the story board we will know exactly what we are doing when filming, shot by shot. /having the story board in hand when filming is extremely helpful to help us keep organized and on top of everything, we can mark off what shots we have done and what shots we still need to do.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Making our Artist Look Like a Star

To keep our artist, B Money, to look like a star, we have give him a specific 'look', just as most artists have. Kanye West in particular has his own image and he sticks to it where ever he goes. We have given our artist a unique style withe the clothes he wears, as the song Magic has an indie artist and a Hip-Hop rapper.