Tuesday, 25 January 2011


For our first day of filming, we decided to go to my house to film. We started out by renting out a HD camera from our Media department and then we set off. We got to my house and then I got changed, ready for filming. We then filmed our opening 10 seconds and this took a few takes and adjustments; we stuck to our storyboard as planned and it helped us progress quicker than we would have without it.

After a couple hours of filming, we went back to school to upload what we had filmed onto the Mac's and see how it looked in sync with the music. As a group we felt that the filming wasn't that good and can be made better so we decided that we would re-film the opening scene in a different house as mine was not suitable.

We plan to film again this weekend and make sure that it goes a lot better and make use of our storyboard and time a lot more.

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