Monday, 10 January 2011

The Fall of the CD Market

Music Stores, HMV and Apple

CD sales hit an all time high in the 90's and didn't look like falling. But every product has its peak and sales began to decrease horrificly in the CD market. The rise of the internet found that CD sales began to decrease, this was due to online downloads which became easier to purchase than bread. In the Noughties, music downloads became the 'cool' thing to do, and this trend has not stopped since. Apple brang out iTunes and this opened up a whole new market, the music industry of CD's fell and didn't look like it was ever going to pick itself up again.

Then came illegal downloads, people set up websites to 'share' music. There idea of sharing music around the globe assisted a collapse in the music industry as a whole. Record labels were losing money like they have never seen before. Security online has helped some illegal download websites to be shut down but it will never be stopped. Now shops such as HMV are finding it hard to keep sales alive but they are doing there best to keep the CD market alive.

The novelty of a physical CD has warn off and now people will happily pay for music and not physically get anything for their money. iPods and MP3 players are the reason people now want to buy music online, they store music on them with out any need for a CD, and to be honest they are a lot more feasable than a CD and a Walkman.

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