Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Album Cover Artwork Analysis


This is Kanye West's 3rd album, Graduation.

The first thing that the audience will see when looking at the album, is the cartoon designed teddy bear. This teddy bear is what Kanye West uses to symbolise his presence. The bear is dressed in Kanye West's style so that his fans are kept satisfied with the consistant theme.

The colours of the album cover are very bright and attractive, this is so that the constumer's will see the album clearly and will be an eye catcher.

In the bottom left of the album is a Parental Advisory symbol to show that some of the content is not suitable for a younger audience. The teddy bear is being cannoned out of a machine like object to show that he is moving on to greater, higher things. On top of this machine/monster, is a university graduation, this is shown to keep on the theme of the title of the album, which is Graduation.

Kanye West's music style rap, techno, hip-hop. The idea of an outa space kind o theme helps the consumer see what the type of music will be before even listening to it.

For our groups album cover we will use Kany West as inspiration and hopefully achieve a similar effect to what Kanye West has achieved.

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