Tuesday, 5 April 2011

The Webpage

The artists fans:

Gaining an incresed fan base is vital for a new artists such as B Money, as it will help him develop his music further and be able to see what his fans want. The webpage will allow fans to give suggestions on what track to produce next, or even what to wear. The artists fans are assively important, so keeping in touch with them through a social networking site is crucial.


The artist's music must be easily accesible for the fans/listeners to get to otherwise they just will not bother. Putting your music on youtube, MySpace for example will make it very easy for people to hear your music. If your music was only available on iTunes for example, it would force the customer to have to buy the music before listening to it which they will not do.


Maintaining a style will help fans define the artist and will allow people to know what genre your music is in. The layout and design of the webpage has to link in with the artists theme. We have given our artists a hip-hop style and the webpage which I designed is also hip-hop, this will not confuse the fans at all so there will be no problems.

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