Thursday, 4 November 2010

Album Cover Analysis

Album art covers are very iconic and influential on the sale of the album. The genre of the music is generally established through the album cover, so it is crucial for the artist to get it right. The album cover is there to attract customers to the specific album, and many artists to choose an iconic image to create awareness of the album.

Mika - Life in Cartoon Motion

By looking at Mika’s album cover, you instantly see the colour and that the album is fun and bubbly, this is the image that Mika wanted to create when creating his album cover; the design was illustrated by his sister Yasmin, who works under the name of DaWack. The album is very easy to the eye and symbolises fun and excitement. There is a man seen sitting on a floating sofa and around other relaxing objects and more furniture, this is within a cloud suggesting that it is a dream like style and Mika’s album will allow you to achieve this dream by listening to his album.
The whole idea of colour and cartoons on the album cover emphasises that this album is aimed at the younger generation, rather than older men.  As well as being aimed at the younger generation, I feel that the album cover suggests that Mika’s life is like a fantasy and he lives in a dream world of fun and happiness. The title of the album is very discrete on the cover, whereas the artists name is written in capitals in a large font; the album title is written in a hand-writing style font showing the child like state of the album.
Young Money - We Are Young Money
In the Young Money album cover, we are instantly drawn to the bottom of the cover, saying ‘We Are Young Money’ and the roses, this is due to the red that stands out; they do this so that the name of the group is shows clearly. The idea of the all black cover suggests the whole gangster images and the idea of mystery. The roses which are shown at the front in red may symbolise the idea of death and that they are mourning over a death. Lil Wayne is seen as the head of Young Money as his image is portrayed looking over everyone else in the group, shown in a God like fashion. The whole image is very glamorous and shows the wealth of the group in a subtle way. They all seem laid back and relaxed to show the customer that whilst listening to the album you can sit back, relax and enjoy the music.
The name of the group is portrayed intensely on the cover in a very attractive style; ‘Young Money’ is in a ‘rich’ style font covered in diamonds, showing that these guys are very wealthy. On Lil Wayne’s forehead is a Christianity symbol, agreeing with the idea of him being a God like figure.

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