Thursday, 11 November 2010

Tinie Tempah - Written In The Stars (Analysis)

In the opening of the video, it starts with Tinie Tempah and Turner doing there own style to show a bit about them. IT then shows the little boy sitting outside of his flat and then he transforms into Tinie Tempah suggesting that this was him when he was younger.

The mum is then shown taking a man into her flat and throwing her son outside again as she is a prostitute. The boy sits down and puts his head-phones on like this is his normal routine. The lyrics say ‘I want my family back’ as the boy is kicked out; the lyrics correspond with the video which agrees with Vernallis’ theory.

As the man finishes with the boys mum, he taps him on the head as he feels sorry for him and the little boy throws something at him in anger at his mums job.

When the boy is in the basket ball court, sitting there writing with his head-phones on, (trying to hide from the real world.) a boy comes up to him and throws all his work on the floor; this shows that he gets bullied just as they do in Prom Queen and No Love. The lyrics say ‘Every one’s the kid that no one cares about’ just as he gets bullied (agreeing with Vernallis’ Hollywood style theory).

Towards the end of the video, the boy comes out of his shell and dances on the roof to show his passion for music and this is his way to express himself.

It finishes with the boy standing there with his arms in the air to show that he will make a name for himself just as Tinie Tempah has.

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