Monday, 29 November 2010

Snatch Analysis

This is a screen shot is from the film Snatch. I chose this image as I felt it had a massive effect on the film. Brad Pitt is sitting there very casually smoking a cigarette whilst his two ‘trainers’, Turkish and Tommy (because of the gun) are looking extremely nervous, due to the fact that they will be killed if Brad Pitt doesn’t go down in a specific round. Brad Pitt’s outfit is very ironic and doesn’t match what you would expect a normal boxer to wear; he is wearing a trilby hat, trousers, casual trainers and boxing gloves whilst smoking. The effect of him wearing boxing gloves whilst wearing his every day clothes suggests that this is no abnormal day for Brad Pitt; this is a normal day to him, fighting and death.
This image makes the audience feel as though he is either very confident or doesn’t care about the fight like Turkish and Tommy do. Turkish and Tommy are wearing suits, this emphasises the idea that they are both trying to be professional and want to win (lose). In the background you can see a group of un-orderly men who do not care who wins but just want to see a good fight; the background has a huge input to this image as Turkish and Tommy are in the complete opposite position, they do not want to see a good fight and they do care, they just want it to go well for them.
In the top right hand corner you can see the referees hand with a light shining from it onto Brad Pitt; this is lighting shows how the referee has the power and is in control of the fate of Turkish and Tommy’s life. The dull lighting within the boxing ring conveys a dull mood and the fear of the two boys; they are both wearing black to carry on this portrayal.

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