Thursday, 11 November 2010

Lipsync Task

We came together as a group and decided to start our lipsync exercise. Together we researched the web, using YouTube, to find a suitable song to use for our lipsync task. When looking on YouTube, we felt that we had to find a song that we knew every word to and wasn't too fast for us to sing along to. We looked for a while then came across Micheal Buble - Everything, two of us knew most of the words so we wanted to do this song, we looked at the lyrics and felt that it wasn't that suitable and felt we could get a better song. After a bit of discussion, we looked at some more songs and saw Giggs - Look What The Cat Dragged In. We decided we would do this song as we knew the words and it was slow, it also has a good beat so we could have fun with it and practice for our main task.

The way we are going to film, is by playing the song out loud on a mobile phone, and filming us sing along to it. We felt this would be the best technique as we can cut our voices out whilst editing and it will look as though we are singing the song.

Camera work within our lipsync task will be important, we want to practice different angles and types of shit which will benefit us for the future. Once our Lipsync exercise is filmed, we will put the footage on FinalCutExpress and edit using this software. This will help us for the main task as we do not know how to use the software yet, but this task will teach us and improve our editiing skills as a team.

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