Thursday, 11 November 2010

Eminem - No Love ft. Lil Wayne (Analysis)

Opening powerful image of a child with a black eye, this is a close up shot to emphasise the pain; this instantly suggests that he is being bullied in some way, whether it be his family or bullying at school.

Flashbacks are shown to give the audience an insight into how the black eye came across. The pungent image of the three boys within the opening sequence show the extent of the bullying.

The bullying continues as the lyrics read ‘No more’ showing the boys pain and how he is feeling at this current time.

1:24 in to the video, the boy stands up to his bully’s and doesn’t back down, he gets barged but deals with it and doesn’t run, showing he is growing as a person and it doesn’t affect him any more.

The lyrics are corresponding to the video as the lyrics say ‘Do not knock me down’, which is a contrast as he gets knocked down (1:55). The camera shot at this point is aimed directly to the boy with his bully’s higher than him to show status and power.

The boy walks around with his hood up to emphasise that he fears the bully’s and doesn’t want to be seen.

The boy has earphones in whilst Eminem is rapping, this may show that he is listening to the long that we are listening along to.

In the background to where Eminem is rapping, there is an image of chains to show that the boy is chained up and cannot escape from his current situation.

Once the boy stands up for himself and punches one of the bully’s, we see a sequence of flash backs to portray the effect of how he is trying to forget the old and continue with his life.

The last shot is a medium shot of the boy walking away with his head held high showing he has put the bullying behind him and stood up for himself.

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