Thursday, 4 November 2010

Marketing a Music Video

Artists can use multiple ways to promote/market their music video. A very common method of marketing is called Viral marketing; this form of marketing is used worldwide. Viral Marketing is where the video is uploaded to a site, such as YouTube and Vevo. Sites such as these, are a great source of marketing for artists and help them promote their music for free; a lot of unknown artists us YouTube and Vevo to create a fan base for themselves. The artist that we create as a group will want to use Viral Marketing as one of the main sources of promotion as it is cheap, easy, free and very effective. In addition to Viral Marketing, using websites such as MySpace and Twitter; social networking sites assist artists as they can upload their music on to these sites and start creating a fan base. Many artists use social networking sites to promote new music, Kanye West, Jay-z and Rihanna all use MySpace to let fans see exclusive music. Once tracks are known by fans and recognised, companies such as Apple and HMV will pick up on this and begin to sell their track; Apple use software called iTunes to sell music on whereas HMV sell hard copies in store. Album covers are very important when selling as even on iTunes you purchase the album cover as well as the track; iTunes also allow you to purchase the video for many songs. Once the track is known and the artist has picked up fans, the artist will do gigs to further the artists reputation and pick up more sales and one day become a global phenomenon.

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